NOTE:  I'm very sorry, but we can no longer hold a puppy for any length of time without, at the very least, the tracking number on a mailed deposit.  Thank you for understanding.

I want to start out by saying most of those $600 Mi-Ki puppies are coming from a high-volume breeder. I would like to see breeders who obviously sell a HIGH volume of puppies annually be avoided by the general public.  NO dog should have to live in a cage in ANY situation.  JMHO.

Our  Mi-Ki puppy pricing is subject to change.  This is because individual computers/web browsers don't always display our current web page, but rather, they display an older page.  We apologize for any confusion, but I'm afraid this is something we have no control over.

Most of our Mi-Ki puppies are in the $1250 to $1500 range, give or take, on alter agreements, as pets.  Our best Mi-Ki puppies are $2000 with an alter agreement.  So, we can say our pricing for pets starts at $2000 and goes DOWN from there.

Of course, the puppies placed as pets who could be show prospects will be priced higher than the "pet quality."  Conformation, size, and pedigree are considered when determining a price for our Mi-Kis.

Deposits are non-refundable.  

We are cautious regarding the reproduction of our Mi-Ki lines.  Thus, we ask an additional $500 for show/breeding privileges.  Furthermore, when we place our babies with full rights, we end up equipping our competition with our own puppies!  That's quite a conundrum, LOL!  Compensation is offered if a Mi-Ki puppy develops a verifiable genetic flaw by 12 months of age that prevents the dog from showing/breeding.

ALL Mi-Ki puppies and adults come with a warranty that they won't succumb to anything genetic by their 5th birthday.

Well bred Mi-Kis tend to be expensive.  There is no doubt about that.  If you're looking for a "bargain,"  you may not feel that's what we're offering.  Nothing we do for our Mi-Kis involves bargain pricing.  It is our desire to explain why our Mi-Kis are a good value for your money.  

We feel our prices are very competitive, based on what most comparable breeders are charging for their Mi-Ki puppies.  We also offer a competitive, 
five-year health guarantee.  

We go to the added expense of feeding only the BEST food to our Mi-Kis.  We also give top quality, FOOD BASED supplements to our fur kids.  (There is NO chance for toxicity with food based supplements.  If an animal doesn't need a particular supplement on any given day, this nutrient is excreted naturally.)  We detoxify our Mi-Kis four times a year to rid their bodies of toxic substances that are in the environment.  We use nosode vaccines, rather than the mercury laden traditional vaccines, and support their immune systems with homeopathic remedies.  All of these added measures we use to protect our Mi-Kis' health are costly, yet we keep our prices competitive with those breeders who do not take these added measures.

We hope this information has helped you understand why we believe our Mi-Kis are well worth what we ask for them.  :o) 

A word about our sales policies:

Please try to understand that we cannot alter our pricing or our sales policies. 

As far as pricing is concerned, we are not profiting from the sales of our puppies.  Sooner or later, all of our proceeds end up being put right back into our breeding program.  Money is continually spent on homemade and all natural food, all natural supplements, C-section expenses, vaccinations, grooming supplies, show registries and handler's fees, all of which are recurring, ongoing expenses. There are many unseen expenses that deplete any and all money we acquire.  This is to say nothing of  the time, work, and sometimes even heartache that goes into the care and raising of our Mi-Kis.

Our sales policies are there primarily for our protection.  They are based on simple, good business practices.  As much as we would love to be on 100% friendly terms, I'm sure you realize that not all people can be trusted, no matter how many times conversation has been exchanged.  We've learned that some people can be quite surprising in their actions when you least expect it.  This is why we adhere strictly to our sales policies, even though it makes us appear cold and impersonal at times.

Again, we ask sincerely for your 
understanding regarding these matters.

605-939-7464  We appreciate your message! 

Located near the historic area of Badlands National Park and the incredible Black Hills.  Shipping out of Rapid City, SD.

Recommended: FREE quote from Embrace Pet Insurance.
Recommended: FREE quote from Embrace Pet Insurance.
605-939-7464  We appreciate your message! 

Located near the historic area of Badlands National Park, and the incredible Black Hills.  Shipping out of Rapid City, SD.
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